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Criteria for FREE listing crypto at non-custodial atomic swap exchange

First coins listings at are totally FREE as long as your coin meets following criteria: it is forked from Bitcoin blockchain it does support HTLC it has running electrum servers it has some basic support from developers If your coin meets the criteria - it will take a little to no effort to have it listed online at Ufodex team is always open for coin developers and coin teams that are willing to join the world of non-custodial trading with atomic swaps and thus provide an extremely secure experience for the cryptocommunity.

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Digital Identities on Calcium.Network (self-sovereign identities, SSI)

Digital Identities on Calcium.Network (also known as self-sovereing identities, SSI) From the authors: it might be a bit boring and not that interesting to read this article, but we still recommend that you do read to better understand the issues of security and personal data exposure in modern systems, and ways to solve the mentioned problems relatively safely to some degree. The problem of classic accounts We all are definitely used to login to different sites and services: sign in and provide a lot of different data about ourselves.

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Download Calcium Network Client

Calcium Node is the full version node for the Calcium.Network with some basic user interface and demo applications. Calcium Node (early alpha) Download links for available distributions Docker Binary Source Code Linux Dockerhub in progress in progress Windows n/a in progress in progress

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About Calcium.Network

Welcome to the adventure.

This is an experiment which is carried out to unite several well-developed technologies into the single ecosystem. It is supposed to become powerful yet simple enough so that you would personally want to use it, or introduce it to your friends and relatives. And may be even years later your kids will use it in everyday life treating it as a default global net. Calcium is something that might change the future Internet as much as the initially invented Internet differs from how we know it now.

Welcome to the Calcium.Network!

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